What If the amount of hate you hold within your heart is directly proportional to the amount of time it takes our planet to heal from this virus?
What if you actually turned off the television and turned on your desire to change your world?
What if you loved your neighbor, even if you didn’t like him?
What if you didn’t waste this time in isolation but used it to better yourself?
What if you remembered you are only one and while you can’t do everything, you can do something?
What if you turned off your television?
What if your conspiracy theories harden your heart?
What if you become the change you wish to see in the world?
What if the disdain you have for Trump, Pelosi, Fox News, CNN, left wing and right wing could melt away knowing that hate never drives out hate?
What if the urgent need you feel within to change the situation you find yourself in was the fuel you used to change your thoughts and therefore change your situation?
What if you read all the books you’ve always wanted to read during this prolonged pause?
What if you turned off your television?
What if you didn’t wish all would go back to normal because normal wasn’t GoOD?
What if you never, ever went back to the never ending desire for more?
What if you talked to your family and friends as much after this pandemic as you do now?
What if the desire to see your elderly loved one who you can’t see right now, is the same desire you have when this is over?
What if you feared death less, and feared not living the fullness of life more?
What if you turned off your television?
What if you cared less about being right and more about being free?
What if you prayed more?
What if you never stopped?
What if you meditated twice a day for 15 minutes?
What if you never stopped?
What if the first person you hug after the quarantine, your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your friend, your child, your grandchild, what if that’s how you hug them for the rest of their life?
What if you cared less about what people thought about you and more about what you think about you?
What if you turned off your television?
What if you limited your amount of time on social media to only what makes you feel GoOD and when you no longer feel GoOD, your turned it off?
What if you took long walks every day?
What if you rescued a dog who would take long walks with you every day?
What if when this is over you took long walks every day?
What if you drove less, used less, ate less, fought less and became self less?
What if you recycled more, planted more, exercised more, cared more, gave more and served more?
What if you turned off your television?
What if the reason you fell in love with your significant other or spouse is the reason you fall in love all over again every single day?
What if you got more involved in your community?
What if you adopted a pal in a nursing home?
What if you volunteered so much more after the pandemic?
What if we never ever took freedom for granted again?
What if we actually treated the present as a present?
What if we supported our local businesses in a way we’ve never done before once this is over?
What if you turned off your television?
What if we used this time of stillness to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going?
What if we decided to stop loving the things that can’t love us back?
What if we forgave the past?
What if we realized that “it” is enough?
What if we journaled our thoughts more?
What if we “health”cared for our body, mind and soul as if our life depended on it?
What if we appreciated nature as much as in the future as we do right now?
What if we did our part in caring for our planet?
What if we guarded our words to ensure they contained no anger or hate?
What if we worked together despite our differences?
What if we reached across the aisle?
What if we lived as if heaven is on earth instead of some faraway land?
What if we believed that heaven lives in our hearts?
What if what we say and what we do are in alignment?
What if our vibration raises so that we can in fact move mountains?
What if you turned off your television?
What if gratitude became our way of life?
What if we saved more, spent less, and shared more of our prosperity (once this too shall pass and it will)?
What if this resetting of the planet, resets us?
What if sports and entertainment became part of our life but not our whole life?
What if we remember the quantity time spent with our children and how they need that as much as quality time?
What if we realized just how important our teachers are?
What if we always remember our first line responders, not just now, but always?
What if you saw this as an opportunity to reflect, recharge and renew?
What if the love that lives inside of you can no longer be contained within the confines of your body?
What if you made your own “what if” list?
Oh yea, and one more, what if you turned off your television?

Peace Out, Dr. Denise