written by Dr. Denise M. Chranowski

I think the world is ready to be over this now, right? I mean a few weeks turning into a couple months is enough of an inconvenience. We’re ready to get our life back to normal. News media keeps telling us there’s a new normal. For some that term, new normal, is irritating. We want to go back to our lives. We want to carry on as usual.

But God…….. let’s just stop there. But God says this time, no matter how we reason, we investigate, we blame, we judge, we criticize, we hypothesize, we cry, we want, we need, we pray, we ponder, we plead, we wait…… we, in our very limited human perspective, will not be able to fully understand ALL that’s happened. I’m ok with that. I’m very ok with that.

This week I began listening to a podcast called Big Bold Health and in the episode I was listening to Dr. Jeffrey Bland educate the listeners that one gram of stool (about a ¼ tsp) has more bacteria in it than ALL the stars in the universe. A fact that you can quickly let pass by partly because poop is not an acceptable conversation for most, but please don’t. Our bodies are magnificently and miraculously made. Last week in Post Covid Consciousness Principle #1 I talked about how we have to honor our health and our bodies. To me, made implies a maker. It’s the maker I want to focus on in this week’s dose.

Each morning I walk my dogs for an hour. I enjoy these walks with them and in nature so very, very much. About two weeks ago I was walking with them on a cloudy morning. I felt strongly compelled to stop and look up and take a picture of the sky as the sun was peaking out. I’ve shared before in my doses how very important listening to your intuition is, your God voice. I can’t emphasize this enough. And so, I do. I listen. So, I took a picture. I posted the picture. A few Facebook and Instagram friends commented that the clouds looked like the world map. I took a second look at the photo. I was awed. The following day my Facebook friend commented that she could now see the equator line. I went back and looked. I hadn’t seen it before. Yes, there was a line in the photo that appeared to be an equator line. I was awed, so awed that for a few minutes I thought that line magically appeared on my photo. My awe lasted about 5 minutes. I must tell you it was so incredible, so uplifting, so magical, so well, AWEsome. Then I realized the line was a telephone line. The awe was over. It came. It went.

But God…… but God said, “Denise what if you stayed in that state of awe during this pandemic?” What if you stopped trying to figure this all out? What if you let go of all your reasonings and rationales and let this pandemic play out? I’ve read these words in two different books this week.  They seem perfectly appropriate.  “The truth needs no defense.”  I’ve also read Byron Katie’s words and committed them to memory, “Defense is the first act of war.” I believe the truth of this pandemic will absolutely rise to the surface. I believe the truth needs little interference from us.

In this 2nd Post Covid Principle, I challenge you to look at all the AWE from this pandemic. Sure, it has created a lot of pain and suffering, but who told you life would be free of that stuff? It isn’t and it won’t ever be. But we sure can increase our suffering by our thinking and frankly our “posting” about this pandemic. We can increase our suffering in our rightness. We are just so darn right as to why this happened, how long it should last, what went wrong, who’s to blame, etc. We’re so right, so why does it make us feel worse?

The Bible and A Course in Miracles help me decipher what my human ego and mind cannot. I conclude with these two passages, both which help me stay in a state of AWE.

2 Corinthians 4:17 For our light, momentary afflictions (this slight distress of the passing hour) is every more and more abundantly preparing and producing and achieving for us an everlasting weight of glory (beyond all measure, excessively surpassing all comparisons and all calculations, a vast and transcendent glory and blessedness never to cease). The Amplified Bible

The goal of truth requires faith….. The ego believes in “solving” conflict though fragmentation and does not perceive the situation as a whole. Therefore, it seeks to split off segments of the situation and deal with them separately, for it has faith in separation and not in wholeness. Confronted with any aspect of the situation that seems to be difficult, the ego will attempt to take this aspect elsewhere, and resolve it there. And it will seem to be successful, except that this attempt conflicts with unity and must obscure the goal of truth.  And peace will not be experienced except in fantasy. Truth has not come because faith has been denied, being withheld from where it rightfully belonged. Thus do you lose the understanding of the situation the goal of truth would bring. A Course in Miracles, page 367 of the Text.

We are one Universe, one song. We are one humankind. We are incapable of seeing this pandemic from the view of God because we are not God. I’m going to stay in a state of AWE because that is what is asked of me.

Peace out. Next week’s Post Covid Consciousness Principle #3, Less is More.