Mid Life Crisis 101

So it actually happened.  My sons grew up and left for college and I sat in a quiet house pondering what my life was all about.  I knew the day was coming.  When my older son Steven, age 20 now, left for college, I decided to have a perfect pity party, aka semi-depression, for about a year.  I call it a semi-depression because as a chiropractor and lover of my patients, I’ve seen what full blown deep depression is, and mine simply wasn’t that deep.  When Hunter, my younger son, left for college in September of 2016, my pity party lasted till exit 8A.  You see my sons go to Rutgers, and if you’re a NJ girl like me, you mark everything by NJ exits off the NJ turnpike.  Rutgers University is at exit 9.  So my crying and pity lasted till exit 8A.  I decided not to go there again.  It is a decision, you know?   I decided that I didn’t like how I felt after Steven left for college.  The only person who suffered was me. So, I decided, aka made a conscious choice, not to go there again.

What next Dr. Denise?

I didn’t go there.  Where I did go, however, was into the recesses of my soul to decide what next Denise. Joyce Meyer, TV evangelist and one of my favs, says that your soul is your mind, your will and your emotions.  That’s a lot of ‘yours.’  So what were my mind, my will and my emotions telling me now that that I didn’t have the demands, awesome demands I might add, of motherhood.    And so I begin this blog and web page.

A Dose from Dr. Denise came from one of my former massage therapists.  I’m a chiropractor and have massage therapists on my team.  She said to me once, you know when I talk to you or read one of your articles; it’s like a get a little “dose from Dr. Denise.”  Oh I likey that!    So here I’ll begin.  I do pray that what I share is fruitful in your life as King Solomon was to me this morning in Ecclesiastes:

The words of a wise person are gracious, and the talk of fool self-destructs (The Message, Ecclesiastes, 10:12-13).


So I pray my words are wise and they are words God would want me to write and share.  More blogs to come!