Ah Valentine’s Day, a day when we shower others with love and affection and hope the favor is returned. The wedding proposals, the dozens and dozens of rose bouquets given, the CHOCOLATE, what a great day it is.

I do want to remind you that today and every day is a great day to love yourself.   Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as you LOVE yourself.  Imagine that. Imagine if we did love ourselves like Jesus commands us.

If I love something, I take care of it.  I treasure it.  I pay attention to it. I nurture it.  I value it.  So go ahead and love yourself.  What’s interesting is when we do that, we aren’t being selfish, we are being selfless.  When we love ourselves in a Godly way, we will take care of ourselves spiritually, physically and emotionally.  When we feel that love, we can then give that love.  And that is surely a love I’ll shower on my hubbie when he gets home from work today!

That’s how it work for me.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  May you love yourself and feel the love from others.  God’s love is, was and always will be there for you.