Gifts that are Priceless

I closed one chapter of my life, being in chiropractic practice with my twin brother for over 20 years in Bucks County, PA.  It was emotional leading up to my last day and we celebrated with a going away wine and cheese party at our office with our great patients.  I received many beautiful cards and gifts.  One stood out!

One of our patients, named Vorcieann, would often comment on various articles and blogs that I had written.  Thru our talking I discovered that she has been a student of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and had even had her son baptized by him in his infamous Marble Collegiate Church in NYC.  Vorcieann’s gift to me was a book written by Dr. Peale’s wife, Ruth, surely out of print but surely available on Amazon, called The Adventures of Being a Wife.  I inhaled the book and will keep it as a treasure.  In the book, Mrs. Peale shares a prayer given to her by the then First Lady of Taiwan, Madame Chiang.  It is one that I’m going to try and commit to memory and recite each morning.  Enjoy:


A Prayer for Quiet Time:


O holy spirit of God,

Come into my heart and fill me;

I open the windows of my soul to let Thee in;

I surrender my whole life to Thee;

Come and possess me, fill me with light and truth,

I offer to Thee the one thing I really possess,

My capacity for being filled by Thee.

Of myself I am an empty vessel.

Fill me so that I may live the life of the Spirit,

The life of Truth and Goodness,

The life of Beauty and Love,

The life of Wisdom and Strength.

And guide me today in all things;

Guide me to the people I should meet or help;

To the circumstances in which I can best serve Thee;

Whether by my actions of my sufferings.

But, above all, make Christ to be formed in me,

That I may dethrone self in my heart and make Him King;

So that He is in me, and I in Him,

Today and forever.  Amen.