Invite Dr. Denise Chranowski to speak at your next event

Dr. Denise is a gifted speaker.  She’s passionate about sharing her message that God wants you to be healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Interested in having Dr. Denise speak to your group or organization, contact her here.


“I have been trying to come up with a meaningful way to express my deep and heart felt gratitude for you, but words and ideas have failed me.  Nothing seems good enough to properly thank you for your support and kindness in my life.  I want you to know that I respect and admire you so much.  As a doctor you saw past my ailments and spoke straight to my heart.  I will always remember your encouragement and feel empowered to push through so that I can give God my very best, the way you have for so many.  God is so good and I praise Him for you.”